Look back at IMM Cologne 2018, The International Interiors Show

The beginning of this year is packed with great interiors shows and we decided to attend two of them – IMM Cologne (January) and Stockholm Design Week (February). And we must say, Cologne set the standards pretty high.

You know you’ve been to a good show, when your feet hurt by the end of the day, but thanks to organizers of IMM Cologne, we didn’t mind. We loved the organization with the natural flow and the position of stands.

We went from the biggest brands to the more independent manufacturers and to what we would even call start-ups – fresh, young designers with creative pieces, daring to push the boundaries of design.

If you’ve been to the Milan Furniture Fair, you will see some similarities. Scandinavian influence was even stronger in Cologne and most of the designers, from Italy to Scandinavia, translated the feeling into their designs. What really resonated was the combination of metal with other materials. You could see a lot of beautiful oak and ash wood mixed with tubular metal work, big, voluptuous sofas in contrast with skinny, metal legs. Speaking of which, the curves are in right now and furniture design is no different.

Sofas had almost no edges and gave very organic, kind of pebble look, cushions matched the feel and what was the best, they were so comfortable. You know how it goes, sometimes you find a beautiful design piece, but once you sit on it, it doesn’t feel right. These pieces were just amazing in every aspect.

If you want a company that represents everything that is in right now, go no further and check out Muuto – it is simple, yet elegant, functional, yet with high focus on aesthetics and gives a great new perspective on Scandinavian design.

Softline is another well-established brand, originated in 1979 in Denmark. They are the perfect representation of adding metal touches to the designs, yet keeping the Nordic feel and soft curves.

Truth is, you can go to big names year in, year out and be sure you will find inspirational pieces, but we at Furniture Fusion love to explore. We saw many interesting companies from Eastern Europe and Turkey and we will watch this space. They are becoming more Europe orientated, with quality comparable to some of the big dogs and we think that the right piece of furniture with the right upholstery and boom, you’ve created pure magic.