Searcys Champagne Bar

In early winter 2016, we were approached by Searcys Tansley & Co, to recreate their line of fixed bar stools for the prestigious, Searcys Champagne Bar, situated in the beautiful Kings Cross St Pancras Station.

We immediately set to work, our sales team visited the site to measure the existing stools and get a feel for the style and design Searcys required, so we could produce these bespoke bar stools.

Once back at base. Our design department got straight on to producing drawings for our client to approve and for our workshops to work with, whilst producing the stools. Searcys approved the designs and work started.

The stool seats were a simple yet elegant design, built with both sumptuous comfort and hardwearing practicality in mind. These were after all, in a busy public thoroughfare. The seats were covered in a Cedar shade of Sunhide Leather, with contrasting Manganese Dioxide Sunhide Leather piping. The seats were then mounted to a swivel cast pedestal base, which was then covered in a decorative stainless steel skin.

Once the seventeen stools where completed we shipped them to the location, but the story didn’t end there. Due to the fact, the stools had to use the original mounting holes in the marble skinned floor, we had no option but the drill the cast bases on-site. Our project management team organised everything, from the special tools involved and logistics, to making sure the fitment of these bespoke bar stools within a public space went smoothly.

The stools were fitted and put into action early this year, ready for patrons to sip their champers in wonderful comfort…

  • Project: Searcys Champagne Bar
  • Location: Sercys Champagne bar, Kings Cross St Pancras Station, London
  • Furniture: Bespoke Fixed bar Stools