Faro Bar Stool - Outdoor

Faro Bar Stool - Outdoor

A pair of stools fit for any outdoor location. Coming in two height the Faro stools can grace either an outdoor bar or counter top perfectly. Their simple, light yet sturdy construction adds a stark edgeness to any outdoor living space. The stools come in a variety of finishes.

Dimensions (Bar Stool)
Height: 780mm
Width: 330mm
Depth: 330mm
Seat Height: 780mm

Dimensions (Low Stool)
Height: 450mm
Width: 330mm
Depth: 330mm
Seat Height: 450mm

Materials and Colours

Metal Finishes

ral 9016  RAL 1013  RAL 1016  RAL 1028  RAL 2004  RAL 3020 
RAL 9016
RAL 1013 RAL 1016 RAL 1028 RAL 2004 RAL 3020 
RAL 3004  RAL 8017  RAL 4006  RAL 5009  RAL 6018  RAL 
RAL 30047 RAL 8017 RAL 4006 RAL 5018 RAL6018  

block  bronze  oxide  magnesium  industrial  blank 
Black Antique  Bronze  Oxide  Magnesium  Industrial  


Min Order Minimum Orders Apply
Delivery Time 2-4 Weeks

Product Code: ISM024