Grace Dining Armchair

Grace Dining Armchair

Grace Armchair is part of a large family of chairs, stools and armchairs. Made from solid beech the exposed wood can be polished in most finishes.

Height: 840mm
Seat height: 470mm
Width: 570mm
Depth: 630mm

Materials and Colours

Wood Finishes

beech  light beech  cherry  walnut  med walnut  walnut 
Natural Beech Light
Natural Beech
Cherry Stain
On Beech
Light Walnut
On Beech
Med Walnut
On Beech
Dark Walnut
On Beech
Mahogany  Wenge  blank  blank  blank  blank 
On Beech
Wenge On


fabrics  leather  leather  com  blank  blank 


Min Order Minimum Orders Apply
Fabric Consumption

Approx. Fabric Consumption 1.9m

Delivery Time 4-6 Weeks

Product Code: SAS053