Basket Dining Armchair - Plastic Base

Basket Dining Armchair - Plastic Base

Basket is a most versatile furniture series. The many colours, materials, upholstery and frame options are a particularly strong feature that allow this collection to be suitable for multiple purposes. The Basket Chair is first and foremost strikingly good looking. Inspired by traditional wicker containers from which the designer extrapolated the principal structural lines to create a new decorative object; a comfortable “container to sit in”.


Dimensions (BP Chair - Plastic Shell, Metal/Plastic Legs)

Depth: 54cm 
Width: 59cm 
Height: 79cm
Seat Height: 47cm

Materials and Colours

Plastic Finishes

White Black 13 buscuit 33 Orange 39 Coco 42 Lime
00 White  10 Black 13 Buscuit   33 Orange  39 Coco  42 Lime


Product Code: GAB044